Welcome to 21st Century Towing

We now take our clients into the 21st Century. With our new computerized towing software our clients have access the information about the activity on their property. The information can include pictures, location, vehicle info etc. The software can be customized to notify our clients about vehicles tagged and the violations. If theres a safety concern on your property our drivers can utilize the software to make you and your staff aware. Need to stop towing for the night? That's ok. Just use the software to stop towing for the night. Got a resident with a rental car and don't want to issue a permit? Put the car on a temporary do not tow list. It's all right at your finger tips. Excited now? Yeah so are we, give us a call and we'll lead you to 21st Century Towing. 

Parking Management

1. 30+ yrs experience in the industry

2. Direct line of contact with account managers

3. 16 state of the art auto loader trucks 

4. Trained in high stress towing

5. Sevices include Police, Roadside, and Private Property Impound Towing as well as Recovery Agents for your Repossession needs. 

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